Innovative Tech Ideas for Design Thinking

The best executives are made, they are not born said Drew Faust, president of Harvard University. They absorb information, study their own unique experiences, learn from their mistakes, and evolve. Steve Jobs is one of them without any argument. He had the amazing ability to know what people wanted before they knew it themselves and also knew how to design and sell this idea.

Future technologies reimagine the player’s experience by complementing gaming experiences with state-of-the-art solutions, systems, and technology throughout its entertainment ecosystem. The use of innovative technology evolves the player’s experience, improves partner operations, and provides responsible gaming technology to ensure player safety.

For example, there are thousands of immersive online casino games and dynamic player experience features in a single integration. Player management and world-class content aggregation come together. The new functionalities include a sleek user interface that can be easily functional and creates an optimized user experience with its clean aesthetics.

Great online app games

While several mobile platforms have emerged in recent years, two well-established and popular operating systems for comparison and testing have been the most reliant: Android and iOS. Thus, two basic applications with the same functionality and complexity have been developed to run natively on both platforms.

Most of the latest online game versions are app-based, which makes it easy to install, update, and keep safe. Internal and third-party development studios create great online games with rich newcomer features such as Diamond cash slots.

The applications were developed using development languages ​​and recommended tools for each operating system. The differences between the two operating systems can be identified by analyzing the core performance values ​​of the features for both functionally identical mobile applications developed for each platform. The results obtained could be further used to guide the optimization of the application development process for each operating system considered.

There is a variety of new and improved features that are strategically designed for casino operators to increase their revenue while using the most efficient and easy to use app software.

Design Thinking

Steve was an early promoter of what is now called “Design Thinking”, a methodology taught at Stanford University to make Apple products feel fairly suitable for their customers. Design thinking is a set of principles and processes that mimic the way a designer works. As Jobs said, it’s about creating solutions to the work. Enhance creativity with principles that include:

• Empathy for the end-user
• Curiosity
• An opening to failure
• Rapid prototypes
• Inter-functional collaboration

Design thinking can start with: asking questions. Most importantly, ask the right question. Thus, we have to go through a series of processes to achieve that.


• Put yourself in the user’s shoes and help people explore hidden needs that are not even perceived by themselves. This step is usually conducted through interviews and observations.

Define the problem

• Based on the information created and collected, analyze, and synthesize your observations to define the core issues you and your team have created. Don’t forget to pay attention to the key points.

Realize the ideas

• With the foreshadowing of the first two steps, you and your team members can start “thinking outside the box”. Think freely, find new solutions, create! Afterward, you can communicate the results to your users and redefine problems and solutions based on their feedback.

Prototype development

• Build a model quickly. This model does not have to be perfect and there is nothing wrong with simple hardpoints. It is important that it can be repeated quickly and if there are problems, you should be able to fix them as soon as possible.

Test and repeat the test

• Designers or evaluators, using the best solutions identified in the prototype design phase, rigorously test the entire product. Measure the operation status, collect all kinds of information, set the original to rehearse, take photos, record, and make history files. It should be noted that after the test, it is possible you have to go through several rounds of the process test prototype idea until the user is satisfied.

Evaluate the benefit

• Confirm if the solution was obtained the expected effect. Perform an objective analysis for the purpose of determining whether to expect demand is met to facilitate improvement and further improvement.

Implementation: continuous execution

• Implement and support developed products and services and get more user feedback, suggestions, and requirements through market analysis data and consumer feedback. We should be careful to make sure that all technologies and tools work normally


Following the design, the roadmap can take you from a blank slate to a new, innovative idea. Design thinking truly helps satisfy the needs and desires of users. Thus, it leads to innovation and eliminates barriers that prevent companies from thinking differently.