How to Help Your Kids Succeed at Distance Learning
August de Richelieu

Distance learning is now a norm for children of all ages. Parents and guardians are now more responsible for the learning environment as opposed to the past where the teacher took charge. The kid will need more help and attention than you did before. Practically speaking, the responsibility for performance is in your hands.

The revelation should not cause panic. It is easy to help your kid succeed with distance learning if you know the tricks to use. There are professional writing services for hire to cover the topics or subjects that you might not be conversant with. The absence of a teacher is not a reason for your kid to fail. Here are the best tricks to use and support your kids.


Distance learning will largely depend on technology. For the kid to follow lessons over a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, it must be available. Here are areas that will require your intervention regarding technology.

  • Right gadgets

Invest in the right gadgets for your kids to study online. They include a laptop with the right screen size, processing speed, and features like a camera. These gadgets should also come with appropriate software to enable seamless communication. Train the kid to handle the gadgets and he or she can follow the class alone.

  • Skills

Train the kid to follow classes online, use e-learning resources, and work with the software you will be using. You must realize that you will not always be at home to follow the kid taking the lessons. If the kid cannot work alone, you might have to abandon all other duties.

  • Safety

The internet comes with unhealthy materials for kids. Teach your kid to stick to the right materials. Put passwords and other safety features on gadgets to avoid unwarranted access.


The school environment helps students to focus on learning. However, the situation changes when the child is at home with siblings, parents, and television or other entertainment gadgets. At the same time, the supervision that comes from teachers is withdrawn. Here are a few insights to help the kid focus.

  • Create an appropriate space

Set a desk away from any distractions. It could be a special study room or a corner in the living room. Invest in a desk and chair that allows the student to sit long hours without fatigue or lost concentration.

Avoid the sofa or the bedroom. They create a feeling of coziness and something that will affect learning. Other people in the household must respect this space.

  • Serious hours

Tune the kid to take learning hours seriously. It is only the learning venue that has changes. Everything else, from the need to follow the lessons seriously to the place of assignments in learning, remains. Let the kid wake up early, complete assignments, and focus on the lessons.


Homework is probably one of the biggest challenges you will face with distance learning. The teacher is not around to monitor its completion and performance. How do you help the kid to take it as seriously as though he was still in school?

  • Assignment tools

Use assignment tools available on and offline to help the kid with assignments. You may also turn to other materials like videos and manuals available online to help during your studies.

  • Monitoring assignments

Actively monitor whether your kid completes his assignment or not. Give the child room to work on these assignments. You must be creative since the child will appear to be continuing with classes.

Distance learning will demand a lot of involvement from the parent or guardian. Here where the child experiences difficulty. Once in a while, facilitate physical meetings with the tutor or an assistant to help the child to complete the assignments.