Homeless Man Thrown Into Jail for Launching Water Bottle at Gov. Gavin Newsom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has had a homeless man throw a water bottle at him. The governor had been out on Oakland to promote small businesses in the area. He was in the company of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf when the homeless man rushed at him and chucked a water bottle at him.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) overpowered the 54-year-old Berkeley resident before arresting him. He was thrown into Santa Rita jail and charged with “resisting an executive officer and assaulting a public official.” The unnamed man is said to be an employee at a gas station.

The CHP said security details whisked the governor away from the scene.

“This morning, the governor was approached by an aggressive individual” the CHP disclosed. “Members of the governor’s security detail removed the governor from the situation and the individual was arrested by CHP officers.”

Gov. Newsom reportedly made light of the incident. He joked to journalists that the aggressor only employed an unorthodox way of greeting him since some “people have different ways of saying hello.”

A week ago, a man in France attacked and slapped French President Emmanuel Macron when he stepped aside to greet people who thronged out to greet him. The man was arrested and charged to court for assaulting the president, but Macron waved off the incident and continued with his tour.

Source: nypost.com