Harmonious Child Development: What Every Mother Needs to Know

The bond with the mother is the baby’s first relationship with other people. Even though a baby cannot tell us anything with words or gestures, he/she still has quite a few means of communication in his/her arsenal: body movements, smiling, crying. Precisely with the mother, the child learns to use all of these means for the first time, so this relationship will also become a communication model with other people.

It is impossible to pay too much attention to babies! A baby instinctively reaches out to the mom from the first seconds of birth, so it is vital to give it the necessary attention and physical contact in the first months of the baby’s development.

Infant’s internal clock: Let the newborn sleep and eat according to the inner cycles

Newborns are already endowed with their unique routine, so they know exactly when and how much they need to eat and sleep. Any strict daily routine that does not take into account the individual characteristics of the newborn baby: violently interferes with the child’s ability to manage his sleeping and eating cycles and creates difficulties in adapting to the sun’s rhythm. Hunger and disturbed sleep can lead to negative reactions from the infant and complicated relationships with parents.

Allow your baby to listen to his or her inner rhythms, and try always to have a quiet place to sleep and feeding opportunities available.

Breastfeeding helps many new moms provide a natural and comfortable feeding experience for their babies. As for bottle-feeding, in this case, you still have to stick to a certain routine and feeding schedule, but relying on your baby’s internal clock will help you maintain comfy feedings. Trust your baby’s instincts! The main task for the mother when feeding her baby with formula is to use the most suitable and highest quality baby food that meets all the baby’s nutritional needs.

There are many options for baby formula today, but it still makes more sense to pay attention to organic baby food products. Lebeswert formula is a relatively new product on the organic baby food market, but it has already become one of the best baby formulas in this segment. Always check the formula composition and certification carefully because these are the main factors that influence the well-being and development of your baby.

Physical contact: Cuddle and hold your baby as often as possible

Babies are in need of physical contact with an adult. Instincts direct the newborn to be as close to his mother as possible – closer to her comfort, protection, and breast milk.

The mother’s heartbeat and the sound of her voice are the only familiar landmarks of life that a newborn has. These are the sounds that make the baby feel safe and comfortable.

The future baby’s development strongly depends on the closeness with the mother. It is a prerequisite for a bonding relationship. As a rule, women also have an instinctive need to see and be with their babies all the time. Sometimes life conditions and other things take away the mother’s ability to follow her inner impulses. The family needs to remember that a mother’s time spent in physical contact with her baby will always be more important than any household chores.