If you have a special gamer in your life who you wish to impress for their birthday, The Legend Of Gift has a real treat for you. We know what gamers love the most, and we have tons of gift cards to choose from. However, not all gamers are created equal, so you need to know what type of gamer your friend or loved one is to get the best possible gift.

Below we will cover the four main types so that you can find nowhere your dear one fits, and we’ll give you a few cool gift ideas to choose from for each type. Let’s start.

1. The Serious PC Gamer

The first one on the list is the most diligent gamer on the list, one who spends hundreds and even thousands of dollars on building a gaming PC, and hours upon hours every week playing their favorite games.

We can further classify them into two broad categories:

  • The MMORPG Wizard
  • The FPS Pro
  • The Single-Player Campaigner

There’s something for everyone out there, but the safest bet would be to get either of these subcategories a Steam Wallet gift card from The Legend Of Gift so that they can choose the games they prefer.

There’s also The Legend Of Gift World of Warcraft Prepaid Game Card that will let them roll around Azeroth for two months.

2. The Console Fanatic

Here we have someone who prefers a more laid-back approach to gaming, but still clocks in several hours a day of game time. There are two big camps here – the Playstation crowd and the Xbox crowd. It’s a rivalry that’s been raging on for over a decade now, so be sure you know which of these consoles they have.

The easiest way to put a smile on a console gamer’s face is to get them either a PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card from The Legend Of Gift or the Xbox Live gift cat, the other The Legend Of Gift top-seller. They can use these cards to select one of the many games offered on both consoles, so there’s no need to play the guessing game or lure some information out of them using spy tactics.

If there’s a specific game they’re always talking about, you can go for that, but the two options above are your safest bet.

3. The Sports Fan

Ah, the one who just can’t get enough of a sports fix watching the big games on TV and wants to get in on the action by playing their favorite teams on a console. Let’s face it, there’s been a lot less to watch on TV lately, and playing a few games in your living room is an easy way to get some of that sporting excitement lacking from our lives.

You can get The Legend Of Gift favorites like FIFA 19 and FIFA 20 for XBOX One, and really brighten up someone’s day. It’s tons of fun for anywhere from 2 to 6 people, so it’s a perfect quarantine pick-me-up for the whole family.

4. The Racecar Fanboy

All the racecar fanboys and fangirls out there who can’t afford much more than to talk about beefed-up engines, card mods, and race tracks, really appreciate a good racing game. It’s a great way to get a feel for some of the best four-wheel machines out there without having to spend a fortune.

Since buying them a car or even a race suit is out of the question, you’ll have to find some great racing games, and The Legend Of Gift has just the thing for you. From Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate Edition to Need For Speed Heat and Project CARS Game of the Year Edition, you’re sure to find something that tickles their fancy.

5. The Mobile Fanatic

Not everyone is a die-hard PC or console gamer with hours to spend in front of the screen every day. Some people prefer the simple pleasure of playing a few rounds on the smartphone when they have a quick break from work or are waiting for their partner to finish up their morning bathroom routine.

Don’t worry. There’s a great little gift at The Legend Of Gift for them as well – the Google Play gift card. They can use the card to buy any of the wide variety of apps and games available on Google Play, and with 25 or 50 euros to spend, they’ll be able to load up their phone with quite a few cool games.

Some Final Thoughts

The best option for anyone looking for an excellent gift for a gamer is a generous gift card. That way, you don’t have to sneak around to find out what games they’ve already played and which ones are on their wishlist – let them pick and choose whatever they want at their leisure. Just make sure you know what type of gamer they are so that you can get the gift card for the right platform.