How The Gamers Dreams Gift Cards Help You Save Money
Micheile Henderson @micheile

Many people value financial control and budget management. For those people, every opportunity to save money is a great one. If you are one of them, you should be aware that shopping for gifts or treating yourself to a product or service doesn’t have to break your budget.

The Gamers Dreams is one of those websites built around the idea of cost-efficiency. Learn what it is and how to use it to save money.

The Gamers Dreams: What Is It?

The website is a platform specializing in bringing affordable and attractive gift cards to shoppers around the globe. If you want to do some last-minute gift shopping and save some money in the process, this website will help you do it painlessly. It’s so simple that you’ll be able to complete your orders even if you haven’t shopped online before.

The website is entirely legit – it’s a trading name of BIOTYM s.r.o, a company registered in Slovakia with the company number 52 906 621.

Attractive Discount on Your Entire First Purchase

How can a simple gift card website save me money? Well, The Gamers Dreams is not just any gift card website. It has a lovely discount program for all first-time shoppers that register with the platform and place their first order.

The website offers a 10% discount on your entire first purchase. The discount is available the moment you complete your registration. The registration is very easy and takes under a minute to complete. New shoppers will have to confirm their registration via the link provided in the email, though. The discount will remain valid for the three months following the registration. It’ll be used once a shopper places their first order.

The website has a limit when it comes to maximum savings. Shoppers will be able to save up to €20. Let’s say you make an order valued at €200, well, then you’ll only need to pay €180, but it’s a one-time-only discount.

It will benefit shoppers who decide to place a bulk gift card order the most. Still, it’s a good offer for shoppers who want to save cash, regardless of the value of their bill.

What Can You Get?

Don’t be tricked into thinking that the offer must be limited since there is such an attractive discount on an entire first purchase. The Gamers Dreams, as the name suggests, delivers gift cards for many games. You will be able to find gift cards for many top titles, including FIFA 2020, Far Cry 5, SONIC FORCES, Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many others.

If you don’t know which title to get as a present for your kids, grandkids, or significant other, you can always choose a platform-based gift card such as PlayStation Network PSN Gift Card, Xbox Live Gift Card, Facebook Game Gift Card, and Steam Wallet Gift Card.

But there is more to it. The platform brings to you Amazon, iTunes, Netflix, and Google Play gift cards as well. There are no discount restrictions when it comes to gift card types. Anything you choose will qualify you for the 10% discount on the entire first purchase.

How To Order and Use the Discount?

The platform completely automates the discount program. All you have to do to benefit from it is to register and confirm your registration. It also has to be your first purchase, and it must be made three months following the registration.

The discount is automatically calculated, and it will reflect the final price you have to pay to complete your order on the website.

Don’t Forget You’ll Be Saving on Other Expenses as Well!

One of the best things when shopping for gift cards is that it’s a digital product. Why does that matter when it comes to saving money? Because there are no additional costs commonly attached when purchasing physical products online. These include shipment and packaging costs, which often substantially add costs to online orders.

If you choose The Gamers Dreams, you will also save time, which equals money for many customers. You will be able to shop from the convenience of your home, anytime you want. Shopping digital gifts for the people you care about always comes with some risk that they don’t need the gift card you’ve sent them.

Don’t worry – as long as they don’t redeem the gift card, you’ll be able to refund a gift card within 30 days of purchase.


With its comprehensive offer and an incredible discount program, The Gamers Dreams will help you save money. Whether you need a quick solution for a holiday, birthday, or anniversary gift shopping, the platform will enable you to do it ever so efficiently and without breaking a sweat.