Female NYPD Officer Shoots Girlfriend and Kills another Woman in Jealous Rage

A female NYPD officer, Yvonne Wu, has reportedly killed a woman and fatally shot her former girlfriend after catching both in bed. Wu, 31, fatally shot ex-girlfriend Jenny Li, 23, after catching her in bed with an unnamed 25-year-old woman. Li called 911 and was taken to hospital while the other woman died at the scene.

Wu joined the police force in 2016 and was assigned to 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn. She reportedly visited Li’s home on Wednesday at 19th Avenue near 80th Street in Bensonhurst where she caught Li and the other victim in bed. Wu was off-duty at the time and reportedly shot the two women with her service pistol.

Both women were shot in the chest, and the incident happened around 5 p.m.

When 911 was called, the caller mentioned that her name was Jenny Li and 911 officials heard a background voice saying “That’s what you get.” Medics took Li to Maimonides Hospital and loaded the deceased woman to another ambulance.

Assistant Chief Michael Kemper said Wu was waiting outside when police arrived at the scene. He said she was “calm, collected, and very forthcoming…simply put, she confessed” to the crime. He revealed that the criminal officer is currently in police custody and will soon be charged to court.

“It’s like a pop, pop, one, two, three,” said Theresa DiGirolamo who said she heard the gunshots. “Then four and maybe five. This is a very quiet neighborhood. This is shocking for everybody.”