Feature Phones vs Smartphones

Some people are not as in the field of technology as a tech geek, and that is that terms such as feature phone, mobile phone, and Smartphone frequently are commonly used interchangeably by a non-technical user. Additionally, when you are in the marketplace, there are many phones to choose from under the budget, technology, and aspect, which can confuse an ordinary user. It is the responsibility of the customer to select a phone. However, you must be aware of which meet your needs. A smartphone, a feature phone, and a Mobile phone differ in their characteristics and technology. Find out what makes them differ from one other?

Let’s start by using the most fundamental phone.

Mobile phone

The mobile phone can be described as a standard phone mainly used to perform the primary function of receiving and making calls. Apart from that, it can be used to text. It is an excellent phone for those who don’t need any other features beyond texting and calling. It is an essential phone that is typically durable and is priced in line with the demands of budget-conscious customers. Another benefit to this model is its longer battery time. Users can use it for a few days without needing to charge the phone until it is completely depleted.

These phones are rapidly becoming obsolete. However, they are still helpful in certain circumstances, particularly when cameras and high-end phones aren’t allowed. Some companies and BPOs prohibit the use of high-end phones within the workplace, and in this case, the basic phone is needed for keeping in touch. The phone is functional when you need to let your children go to the babysitter and remain in contact. You can offer an iPhone to the babysitter or the babysitter to stay in touch with you. There are many online sellers like DHgate, where you will find almost any type of mobile phone.

Feature phones

Feature phones are an item that is in high demand. They are more advanced in the technology of mobile phones, but they are far behind smartphones. For instance, if you’re just curious about taking pictures using a phone, then you could buy an iPhone with high-resolution camera capabilities. If you are traveling, then it is possible to buy a solar-powered phone. Those who love listening to music can choose music edition phones to enhance audio quality and music. These phones are less than the basic phones, but they are rapidly getting ahead of the current trend of incorporating apps that allow users to connect to social media.


Smartphones are among the latest offerings with high-end technology and the incorporation of computing features within a phone. They are among the most advanced phones on the market, and consequently, the cost is also expensive considering the technology employed. Businesses such as Nokia, Sony, Samsung, and many others compete to develop a more advanced phone with the latest technology. Apple, Android-powered phones, and Windows phones are just a few examples.

The 4g and 5g mobile phone can be equipped with the ability to connect to e-mail and chat, social media capabilities. The user can transfer data, upload photos on Facebook, use NFC technology to move data, or use maps and navigation to navigate cities and locate friends using GPS. Other options include editing, sending, and sharing documents and taking HD videos and other tools to enhance the quality of images. The Smartphone can also take high-quality photos using its high-megapixel camera (up to 41 megapixels). There’s no limit to technological advancement, functionalities, and apps for Smartphones. You can pick among Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S3, Sony Xperia series, and others.

After reading this article, you’ll quickly recognize the difference between a mobile phone feature phone and Smartphone.