Escape Rooms: What They Are and Why You Should Try One

Escape rooms are a chain of riddles placed in a specific location. Some escape rooms are located in a small area or several rooms. Some quests are carried out on a large territory — in parks, largely abandoned buildings, or on the scale of an entire city.

The essence of an escape room in Calgary is always about the same: complete tasks and solve riddles that bring you closer to victory. To make it more interesting, the quest creators come up with a legend and take a historical or popular plot.

The escape room usually takes 60 minutes to complete. If you don’t do this, you will lose (you will die, let the forces of evil take over the world, you will fall into the hands of the police, you will not save the princess, etc.). So, look around carefully, find a connection between seemingly unrelated things, and notice hidden signs, clues, and loopholes. The key to getting out of the escape room can be hidden anywhere!

Quests are often made based on films or books. Indeed, some of them seem to be created for a quest. Remember “Exam” or “Saw” films. Players have limited space, brain-bending tasks, and a fixed time.

Why Go to Escape Rooms in Calgary

You can go to Escape Hour to get distracted from everyday troubles, immerse yourself in a certain atmosphere, get a bunch of tasks, test your strength, see friends in an unusual setting, and feel like a superhero.

In fact, everyone has their own reasons. For example, escape games are pretty suitable even for dates. Also, they are often used for team building.

An hour in a limited space full of secrets and mysteries makes hidden abilities and talents wake up. It is excellent for pumping the brain and teaches you to think outside the box. Also, it provides impressions for a month ahead!