Apps for Smartphone

With the emergence of smartphones, gone are the days of needing to drag your Game Boy Color around to entertain yourself during long trips. Android and iPhone have developed millions of apps to distract you when you need it and keep you productive when the boss is pushing you to finish a project.

However, the most entertaining apps that have come across the app store in recent months are meant to kill time. Since the development of games like Doodle Jump and Flappy Bird, games have become gone from complex levels to simple games to keep you in touch. Websites like Maxbet help decrease boredom by allowing you to make money in your downtime.

Apps come in different genres that cater to the type of entertainment you are looking for: here are some of our favorites.


Games are by far the highest concentration of apps on any app store. Many are simple, free-to-play games that make money through ads. Games like these tend to be highly addictive. The most popular game of the past couple of years has been Candy Crush. By swiping to remove candy shaped tiles, the player levels up by earning a certain amount of points in each level. Another game that was even produced into a movie was Angry Birds. By flinging cartoon birds at pig enemies, the user finishes by defeating the King Pigs. You’re sure to find a game that suits your tastes in expansive app stores.

Social Media

The overwhelming majority of the time spent on smartphones is using social media. The average user of social media spends a whopping 8 hours a day browsing various timelines. With the amount of social media apps out there it is very easy to see how this feat is possible. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people are always connected to their friends and see into the daily life of complete strangers. While the number of social media apps are growing by the day, it is hard to see a time where using these apps won’t be an everyday feature of our lives.

Video Sharing

When YouTube first emerged on the scene, desktop computers were the only way people were able to view videos. That all changed with the development of smartphones and the ability to stream videos everywhere. Smartphones have the capability to now share videos instantly with friends. Apps like Snapchat are smartphone video platforms only, with the user being able to send tidbits of their own lives to their friends with the push of a button.

Sports Entertainment

Before the development of smartphones, sports viewing and betting was limited to television and casinos. However, websites like Maxbet allow you to place bets from anywhere in the world and streaming apps like ESPN allow any avid fan to stay up to date on any sports game possible, changing the way fans stay in touch with the sporting world. With various streaming services, a viewer can pick what they want to watch and only pay for the things that matter most to them.