Betting With Cryptos: Everything You Need To Know About Bitcoin Betting
Art Rachen

The cryptocurrency bull run of 2021 has made every sector embrace digital currency. Betting is not left behind. Bitcoin betting is now a lucrative niche that has solved betting weaknesses and taken it to a new level. Numerous competing Bitcoin betting websites have flooded the market. Therefore, finding the Bitcoin betting website with the best features has never been made easier.

This article will outline how you can start betting on Bitcoin sports betting platforms. It explains the basics of Bitcoin betting for beginners. Experts can also add to their knowledge kit. The outline of the article is as follows:

  • How Is Bitcoin Betting Different From Regular Online Betting
  • Benefits Of staking your Bitcoins on Sport Betting platforms
  • Why Should You Choose A Website As Your Bitcoin Betting Sports Book?
  • Best Sport Betting Bookmakers for Bitcoin.
  • Choosing The Best Bitcoin Betting Sportsbook Sites
  • Top Sportsbook sites for Bitcoin Betting

How Is Bitcoin Betting Different From Regular Online Betting

Why should I bet with Bitcoin when I enjoy betting using fiat currencies? Well, it offers varieties of options standard sports betting cannot.

Have you ever been stuck with a Sportsbook that couldn’t accept credit cards because it is from a foreign currency? Then you will know the importance of Bitcoin betting. Bitcoin sports betting accepts bettors from anywhere in the world. Being a London resident, you can bet with a US Bitcoin betting platform and withdraw your money in pounds.

Not only have that, but Bitcoin betting sites also offer bonus codes for foreign-currency bettors. A deposit of a required amount of money gives you access to these bonus codes. Its reward could be cash for cruise ships or shopping trips or points to get winning trips to sporting venues during the weekend. Exciting, right? Bitcoin betting is an innovation in sports betting.

Benefits of staking your Bitcoins on Sport Betting platforms

Whether you want to use a local currency or Bitcoin for sports betting payment is determined by your preference. Bitcoin payment is widely adopted as it is entirely online and saves extra charges. You can start betting with a Bitcoin credit card at the comfort of an internet-powered device.

Also, with Bitcoin sports betting, you can play multiple bets on different sports simultaneously. Also, with crypto betting, the user is completely anonymous, can enjoy the instant broadcast, and can play on any Bitcoin sports betting site anywhere in the world.

Why Should You Choose A Website As My Bitcoin Betting Sports Book?

As a newbie to gambling, free accounts could be a revelation. It would get you familiar with gambling without losing money. Therefore, if you are new to Bitcoin gambling or gambling in general, finding a bookmaker with a free account could be the first requirement. Here are other conditions that make an excellent Bitcoin Bookmaker.

  • The website should provide varieties of sports to choose from. A Bitcoin Sportsbook that contains all types of games would be great for sports betting.
  • It should allow you to play multiple games at the same time.
  • It should have excellent customer service and betting flexibilities
  • A good Bitcoin sports betting website should pay you in your currency or at least significant currencies. Dollars, Euros, and pounds withdrawal should be provided on the website.
  • Its wallets should be compatible with bank transfers in major currencies. A Bitcoin betting site is useless if it cannot receive payment in your local currency. It must be compatible with all major currencies like dollars and euros
  • It should also charge little to no commission on transferring deposits to its wallet.
  • The safety of your data should be ensured and insured by the Sportsbook.

Best Sport Betting Bookmakers for Bitcoin

One of the best online Bitcoin betting Bookmakers is BTC sports. BTC sports are a household name for experts in Bitcoin trading. A Reddit thread even appeared online about the bookmaker. The line explained sports betting with Bitcoin. Therefore, if you want to find firsthand information about crypto betting, you can find them on crypto subreddits.

Choosing the Best Bitcoin Betting Sportsbook Sites

Being familiar with online betting, you would have probably come across different types of sportsbooks. New sportsbooks where you can place bets using cryptocurrency are now available for online sports betting.

The best options out there are BTCC and BTSTC. Why are they the best options?

The platforms listed above are the best sportsbooks because gamblers can open an account with them without any identification requirements. Bettors can also deposit digital currencies or fiat. These platforms also offer comprehensive customer service and support.

Not only that, but it also has real-time online betting features. So, betting on these platforms is seamless. Also, they have a comprehensive option of games you can choose from. The games include soccer, basketball, and baseball, amongst others. They are also reliable, safe, and flexible. You can make money from betting in many ways on these platforms.

Top Sportsbook Sites for Bitcoin Betting

Sportsbet has all the major sporting leagues around the world. This platform provides various betting options like multiple bets, single bets, live bets, direct bets, and prop bets

It trades a minimum bet of 0.01 million BTC while the site doesn’t provide its maximum. It also has user-friendly software, instant deposit and withdrawal, and 24/7 live chat support.

Betcoin Bitcoin Sports Betting

The Betcoin Bitcoin Sportsbook requires a minimum of 0.13 million BTC to place a bet. The maximum placeable coin on it is 2.5 BTC.

It also provides many betting options to choose from. You can place direct bets, handicaps, round-robin matches, player props, clearance bets, amongst many other options.

Fortune Jack Sports

If you want live Bitcoin betting on your mobile device, Fortune Jack Sportsbook is best for you. It provides betting for all major sports as well as important betting information. On this platform, you can bet with Bitcoin or any other altcoin available.

It has a minimum withdrawal of 0.004 BTC and doesn’t provide a limit to Bitcoins wins that can be deposited or withdrawn from the platform

Nitrogen Bitcoin Sports Betting

On this website, a minimum of 0.1 million BTC and a maximum of 1.2 million BTC can be placed. The platform is a global space that provides betting for almost every game, including eSports. From lawn tennis to snooker to basketball to football, you can find virtually any match on Nitrogen BTS.


Even Though Bitcoin sports betting are a lucrative niche in sports betting, it is worth noting that not all Bitcoin betting needs attention. Doing proper research to make a good choice can make a difference.

Bitcoin sports betting is not dissimilar to regular online betting. Therefore, you must pay attention to the trends and cues you see in traditional betting. Bitcoin Sports Betting is like regular online betting. However, it has a universal currency, which makes the difference.