Barack Obama Tells Heckler to Behave Himself during Michigan Rally

A heckler who tried to interrupt former President Barack Obama during a Michigan rally on Saturday was shut down by the elder statesman. Obama was campaigning for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer before a packed crowd in Detroit when the man attempted to object to what he was saying.

“Sir, this is what I’m saying,” Obama said to the heckler. “We’ve got a process that we set up in our democracy. Right now, I’m talking. You’ll have a chance to talk sometime later. You wouldn’t do that in a workplace.”

The crowd booed the heckler and hailed Obama by chanting his name to drown dissenting voices.

Earlier on Friday night in Georgia, Obama ridiculed Herschel Walker as a “celebrity that wants to be a politician” and who is not rightly fitted for the US senatorial position he was fighting to occupy. He said the Republican Senator nominee and former running back was a liar that had character issues that must be fixed before running for governor.

Obama told the crowd that they must exercise due diligence in choosing “between politicians who seem willing to do anything to get power and leaders who share our values, who see you and care about you.” He said that all Republican politicians want is to lick former President Donald Trump’s boots and own the liberals.

“That’s their agenda, it is not long, it is not complicated and, at least to me, it is not very inspiring,” Obama said of Republicans. “They aren’t interested in actually solving problems. They are interested in making you angry and finding someone to blame. Because that way you may not notice that they have got not answers of their own.”

While noting that inflation is hitting hard on the nation and on countries around the world, he tasked the crowd who applauded his speech to not applaud but to vote. “Don’t boo, vote!” he stated. “Listen, inflation is a real problem right now. It’s not just in America, it’s worldwide. It’s one of the legacies of the pandemic. Republicans talk a lot about it, but what is their answer? What are their economic policies?”

Not done with Walker, Obama said he was a person who has not “bothered to learn anything about or displayed any kind of inclination towards public service or volunteer work or helping people in any way.” He condemned the rising politician as someone who suffered from a lack of character and integrity, adding that he is someone who says something but means another thing.

In his response the following day, Walker said Obama was wrong for supporting Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock.

“President Obama was here last night,” Walker stated. “He said I’m a celebrity. He got that one wrong, didn’t he? I’m not a celebrity; I’m a warrior for God. He needs some help because he got with the wrong horse. Senator Warnock is the wrong horse. You know he can’t do the job, and it’s time for him to leave.”