iPhones featuring iOS 12

If you are a die-hard Apple fan, you must already know that iOS 12 has been released! This new software update comes with a variety of updates and features, promising to be better for Apple users. The new highlights of this update are improved privacy settings, more effective Siri, latest augmented reality apps and better photo organization. But these are all on-phone settings which users can upgrade. Given that one of the main key features of iOS 12 is performance, don’t you want to know which downloadable apps you can use for quicker tasks? Enhance your Apple experience with the following applications, suited for iOS 12!

Tunity (Free)

Having trouble to hear the TV at a noisy place? You might want to listen without having to disturb anyone else! Tunity is an excellent application which lets you stream the live TV audio straight to your headset, through your device. You simply have to put your iPhone or iPad near the TV to scan it and it will stream the audio for you; no more disturbance!

iTranslate Converse ($4.99/Month)

Whether you’re much of a traveler or not, there are instances where you might need to translate for better understanding. iTranslate Converse offers translation services in 38 different languages, with automatic language detection. You simply need to speak on the mic and the app will take care of translating it into your selected language, with text and audio. You can try the app free for 7 days, before opting for it.

Vegas Spins iPhone Casino (Free)

Vegas Spins is an online casino which is renowned in the online gaming world. However, unlike other casinos, it has its own apps for iOS users. Players can download Vegas Spins from iTunes store, so that they can play without missing on any promotions. The app fits all types of iPhones and players will feel like they are playing on the real site. Once the app has been downloaded, they only need to put in their login credentials, to get the games started on this mobile phone casino.

Calzy 3 ($1.99/Month)

Calzy 3 shows a new approach to calculator apps, by introducing a Memory area for saving and labelling calculations and variables. The application includes a configurable keyboard, 3D touch pad, history, scientific functions and bookmarks. It is an amazing app for businessmen, students and math-lovers.

1Blocker (Free)

Taking advantage of iOS’s content blocking features, 1Blocker providers a stronger and more powerful way to block contents. The app comes with heaps of add blocking presets and also lets you create your own rules. As a user, you can block unwanted adds and social widgets; you can even allow sites you want content from. There’s an unlimited blocking feature for a premium as well.

Indeed, the iOS 12 seems like a great upgrade! iPhone and iPad users, you might want to get the update, so that you can seize all the advantages! Plus, more and more features have been planned to be released in the next few months.