Apple Releases New Features to iMessage App on iOS16

Apple has released new features to its iMessage app on iOS16, iPadOS16, watchOS9, and macOS Ventura. The features range from editing messages, undoing messages, marking them as unread, recovering deleted messages, and using the SharePlay support among others. Apple is also making it possible for developers to build the Shared with You API into a dedicated part of their apps so that users can see content sent to friends in aggregated app listings.

To edit sent messages using iMessage the new iOS16, users have up to 15 minutes to make edits to messages they have sent. To do this, users only need to press and hold down the message they want to edit, make desired corrections, and then press the blue checkmark to send off the message again. But the sender and receiver must both have an iPhone that runs the iOS16 for this to work as intended.

The new update also makes it possible for iPhone and Mac users to undo messages after they have sent it. But this undo feature will only work if the message was sent within the last 15 minutes – meaning that you have only 15 minutes to undo any message after you send it. If you undo a message sent to someone using an earlier version of iOS, the undo feature will not work; the message will vanish from your phone, but the recipient will not know that it has been unsent.

Users can also mark a text message as well as an iMessage as unread so that its notification alert does not change even after reading the message. When you read a message but do not have the time to respond to it immediately, you can mark it as unread so that it remains like a new message on your app. This will enable you to be reminded of the message and to act on it when you have the time. Press down on the message and click “mark as unread” to activate the feature.

With the new iOS16 software, users can also recover messages that have been deleted from the “recently deleted” folder. You can recover a single message or use the “recover all” feature to restore all the deleted messages; and you can also use the “delete all” option to remove all the unwanted messages at once.

If Apple device users want to collaborate on content such as TV, games, music, and app usage through FaceTime, you can use SharePlay to engage in the same content with friends and family and even discuss the content via iMessage.