Apple Announces Online Event for March 8; May Unveil New Products

Apple has announced that it has an event coming up on March 8, 2022. Without going into details about the specifics of the scheduled event, the tech company called the event a “peek performance”. This event was announced by Greg Joswiak on his verified Twitter account on March 2. It is timed to take off at 1 PM ET or 10 AM PT.

The virtual event will be seen by everyone online after logging into Apple’s website. The invite announcing the event features a redesigned Apple logo that translucent multicolored neon lights; it looks almost like the colored entrance to an underground tunnel.

Although Apple has not given any details, tech analysts believe the tech giant will announce the release of new products on Tuesday. They said it is possible for the company to introduce the reworked iPhone SE with 5G connectivity, as well as an updated iPad Air.

Industry opinion molders also believe the company may usher in new Mac models with new Apple chips which will be replacing Intel CPUs for new MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, Mac Pro, and iMac Pro lineups. While these features may be introduced during the coming virtual meeting, their release into the market may take several months into the nearest future.

These new devices may feature updated features such as high camera resolutions, updated Touch ID, faster A15 CPU processor, new iOS 15.4 update to make phone unlocking possible with face masks. There may also be a Universal Control technology to make the use of one keyboard and mouse possible across many iPads and Macs.