Android 13 OS for Android TVs is Now Available – for Google’s Developers

Android 13 OS for Android TVs is now available for Google’s developers and testers to review. Developers who have the Google ADT-3 device or use emulators will be able to use and review the new Android 13 for Google’s Android TVs for now, but it may become accessible to everyone by mid-2023. If you have a Google ADT-3 device, you can test the latest OS using the Google TV interface or the normal Android TV interface.

While only certain developers are able to test Android Tv’s latest software updates, almost anyone can access and review Android betas for Google Pixel smartphones. According to Android Police, the Android TV 13 software was first released to some developers earlier this year and the second beta came a few months after, the good news is that the OS is now coming out of beta and may soon be available early next year.

While many of the updates may only be obtainable in the TV’s changelog, every behind-the-scene improvement may not be fully known yet until the TV enters the market. However, some of the latest changes include an adjustable resolution, refresh rates, newer power-saving techniques, and the capability to pause shows and movies if the HDMI signal changes.

It is also expected that AudioManager API changes are available for audio routes for certain formats and speaker groups. There are newer keyboard layouts for different languages in InputDevice APIs, as well as improvements in keyboards and controllers via physical keys. Developers can use emulators or ADT-3 dev box to start using Android TV 13 today, but general consumers may have to wait a little longer to begin using it.