More Americans to Benefit from Obamacare as Biden Sets to Reopen Registration Period

President Joe Biden is set to sign another executive order on Thursday to give more Americans access to the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The order will reopen the program’s registration period and also broaden entrance to the program. Registration for the healthcare program usually begins in the third week of November and ends at the end of the year, Fox News reports.

The executive order will open a special enrollment period from February to May, according to a press release from the White House, making it possible for those who missed the last December 15 deadline to enroll. Biden will be fulfilling his campaign promise to broaden enrollment for the insurance program.

“The president takes the matter of the Affordable Care Act to heart, it is a personal thing for him,” the press release stated. “The president wants every citizen of the United States to be at peace, knowing fully that their health care insurance is within their reach, and it is the best money can buy.”

The order will be of benefit to millions of Americans who lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that about 15 million Americans have no health insurance, and they could enroll in the program from February 15 to May 15. Out of the 15 million uninsured Americans, almost 9 million may receive free or subsidized insurance, according to the foundation, CNN writes.

Subsidies will be given to families with four members who earn $104,800 or less and individuals who earn $51,000 or less.

The press release also stated that the executive order will be reinforcing Obamacare, Medicare, and other health care policies with the aim of undoing the damage that the last administration did to the health care system in the country. During the last administration, the Affordable Care Act was almost canceled and the administration meant to replace it with a policy of its own.

As he promised during his campaign, Biden is working towards reversing many of the policies made during the administration of President Donald Trump. The release stated that the president and Vice President Kamala Harris are invested in maintaining and enhancing the Obamacare program, taking care of the health care emergency that the COVID-19 pandemic has created, and ensuring that the health care system is reformed.

The order will also be making provisions for certain categories of people that had previously been deprived of health care insurance, including those with underlying medical conditions. The president is also set to issue a presidential memo showing his support for the sexual and reproductive health of females in and out of the United States.

The memo will lift the previous administration’s gag order that global nonprofit organizations that work with women who are considering abortions should not be funded by the United States.