AI-Curated Top Results to Be Implemented in Gmail in the Next Few Days

Google announced on Friday that Gmail users will experience speed in the search results they obtain in the next few days. Within the next two weeks, Gmail users will find that search queries bring up top results that match their queries via AI in their emails.

This will make it easier to find airline ticket numbers, grocery receipts, email announcements from the boss, and anything you want in your email faster. Google said the development is a “highly requested feature” that makes it easier for users to locate desired information or files quickly and easily.

“When searching in Gmail, machine learning models will use the search term, most recent emails, and other relevant factors to show you the results that best match your search query,” Google wrote. “These results will now appear at the top of the list in a dedicated section, followed by all results sorted by recency.”

This is not the only development coming to Gmail in recent times. Just last month, Google revealed that inactive or dormant Gmail accounts will be deleted if they had not been used in the last two years. This signifies that the entire content and data within such emails will be deleted for good. Earlier this year, the company also redesigned its interface in a way that will make Google productivity tools to be accessible to users.

These strategic modifications seem to be in line with Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s agenda to increase the company’s productivity by 20%. Google’s business chief Philipp Schindler also announced that the company is allocating a lot of AI resources to boost “Search to surface demand and deliver a measurable ROI in an uncertain environment.”

It also appears that the move will cut costs for the organization.

The AI-curated top results for email search queries will be implemented across computers as well as mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Google said it would the changes will be rolled out starting Friday and over the next few days. While Google is integrating machine learning models into most of its products, it is not known if its Bard AI technology will be implemented into Gmail anytime soon.