7 Great Bathroom Renovation Tips for Interior Designers
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A beautiful bathroom can be the hidden gem that lets a property’s value skyrocket. It can also be incredibly hard to renovate without the right eye for detail and the know-how of the practicalities.

Whether you are looking to grow your interior design business in time for a bright and busy future, or you need to brush up on your personal design skills, it is likely worth putting a little effort into your bathroom renovation efforts, as this is a fairly common request and one that needs an expert’s skill set to master.

Here are some top tips to help you take your bathroom renovation prowess to the next level in no time.

1. Utilize Design Software

Perhaps one of the very best ways to add a new dynamic to your efforts and to breathe life into your vision is to utilize some reliable, easy-to-use design software.

If you need a beautiful, cohesive and clear design to share with clients, 3D design software is essential, as it allows them some much deeper insight into what they should expect from your finished renovation.

Without it, your clients may be unsure as to opt for your services – it can be hard to visualize the final work at the end of the renovation, so every visual aid that you can get your hands on is likely going to be a big help in the long run.

This is not just for your clients either; it can benefit your own design efforts and allow you to easily visualize any changes you make to your plans should you need to rework anything.

2. Keep Up with Current Trends

Knowing what is and what positively is not in fashion is the bread and butter of any forward-thinking designer’s skillset.

Keeping up with current trends is essential in the world of interior design and renovation, so never neglect the value of attending trade shows or reading a few magazines each week.

What is in fashion right now? People will be turning to you to help them go for the best and most desirable new renovation trends, so it is probably best to get yourself well and truly in the loop.

It is worth remembering that trends often fall quickly in and out of favor with the public, and home décor is certainly no different.

Although trends can be alluring, renovation can be extremely expensive, so it is likely worth going for a design that is not too difficult to change should you suddenly find you have fallen out of fashion.

3. Make Use of Open Space

Wide-open space has been constantly utilized in design for a while now, but recently, trends such as the spa-style bathroom or a wet room are seeing a rise in popularity.

This open space in the bathroom is ultra-modern and highly functional, so don’t underestimate its value.

Even if the concept of open space may be dying out in other areas of design, the bathroom renovation might still be the place to seek it out.

Open space can make a room look so much bigger than it is, so if a remodeling needs to take place, it is worth looking into raising the ceilings to create that larger gap.

4. Choose and Obtain the Materials

Due to recent world events, namely the global raw materials shortage, getting your hands on the basic building blocks might be harder than ever before.

A bathroom renovation is no small feat, and plenty of different types of materials are used to make it happen, which is why coming up with a plan of action and a place to get your materials from before you commit to the rebuild is a must.

You likely do not want to run out of materials halfway through either or have to put your timeline on hold while you wait for a specific part to arrive, so make sure you have it ready to go before starting your project.

5. Design for Longevity

Choosing a timeless bathroom style is a good way to go, as it essentially future-proofs the bathroom.

Clients can be tricky and demand that they get the latest fad, but it is still worth letting them know that designing for longevity might be a more financially sound decision.

6. Source a Reliable Contractor or Two

If you are not planning on building the bathroom design yourself, sourcing a reliable contractor or two is a must.

Due to the nature of remodeling, renovation, and generally any form of construction, it can be difficult to predict the timeline, particularly when plumbing is involved.

The contractor needs to be up to the job, so making sure that you have some dependable faces to rely on should it come down to it is a must.

If you operate as a freelance interior design agency, this may not be intrinsically applicable to you, but it is still good to have a contractor you can recommend at a moment’s notice.

Plus, since the labor shortage in the United States might make this part a little more difficult than usual, it is worth finding out whether or not you have the resources to get the renovation done in the first place.

7. Good Ventilation is Crucial

Many people go for a bathroom renovation because their current bathrooms start suffering from a little wear and tear over time.

This might be a result of dampness, causing mold and structural damage to set in over time. In this regard, ventilation is critical in the preservation of the design.

Some good ventilation is far more than just a convenience; it is important for the health of the homeowner, too, as it helps fight back against the various issues that persistent dampness can produce.

This does not have to be an immensely complicated ventilation system either, but it does have to be able to ensure that there is adequate air circulation flowing through the bathroom.

A bathroom renovation can take a great deal of time, money, and energy to complete, but it’s certainly worth it in the long run and important addition to any designer’s portfolio.