5 Critical Things for Which You Need a Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Clark Van Der Beken @snaps_by_clark

Getting in a car wreck can be one of your life’s most traumatic events. You might injure someone when it happens, or they might hurt you instead. Maybe the crash totaled your car, and you need to scrape the money together to buy a new one.

It will be challenging to pick up the pieces and move on once you’re in a car wreck, but if you hire the right lawyer, then it’s possible. Houston residents often go with the Brian White Law Firm for that reason. There’s plenty they can do for you, and we’ll take a few moments right now to talk about some specific ways you might use them.

They Can Deal with the Insurance Company

Let’s say that you decide to contact Attorney Brian White and Associates, PC because another car hit you. You’re sure that the other driver caused the accident, and now you need to figure out the best way forward.

Talking to the other driver’s insurance company is one thing the lawyer you hire can do for you. The other driver’s insurance provider will probably contact you as quickly as they can. What they hope is that they can get you to say the accident was entirely or partially your fault, even if that is not the case.

Your lawyer can instruct you what to say to the insurance company. They will probably advise you to stick to the facts and not speculate about whose fault it was. They can also get the best settlement offer for you if the other driver’s insurance provider wants to avoid going to trial.

They Can Produce Expert Witnesses to Testify for You

If you do have to go to trial, you’ll be glad to have an experienced law firm on your side to help with your lawsuit. The other driver might hire a seasoned lawyer as well, and they might try just about anything to get their client off the hook.

One way your lawyer can combat that is by producing expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf. Expert witnesses are individuals who can speak authoritatively about what caused your accident.

Your attorney can bring in medical experts who can talk about your injuries, including how severe they are and how they happened. They might bring in a car crash scene reconstruction expert who can talk about the physical evidence they found and what it means.

They Can Launch a Detailed Investigation

Your lawyer can launch a detailed investigation into the crash before the trial ever begins. They might try to locate any crash footage, such as from social media posts, traffic cameras, or store cameras. They might produce the responding police officer’s accident report.

They can speak to your doctors to determine what your injuries indicate and figure out whether you can use your physical condition to your advantage at trial. They will omit no detail that they feel will help you win your lawsuit.

They Can Help You Figure Out What Economic Damages You Can Recover

You might not be certain what economic damages you can recover after your crash. Your attorney will help you figure that out as well.

They might talk to you about scarring or disfigurement compensation. They may also speak to you about property damage, permanent or temporary disability, lost wages or reduced earning capacity.

You might speak to them about physical therapy or rehab costs. You might bring up medical expenses, such as hospitalization, cosmetic or corrective surgery, medication, or devices you’ll need to help you heal or live post-crash.

There is no reason you should not receive compensation for all of that, and only the right attorney can help you get it.

They Can Help You with Non-Economic Damages

Your lawyer can assist you in one more area as well, and that is non-economic damages. Since this whole process is new to you, you probably don’t know what constitutes non-economic damages, but your lawyer can spell it out for you.

They might tell you that you can sue the other driver for life quality loss, mental and emotional trauma, or pain and suffering. If the crash altered your life dramatically, you can certainly attempt to hold the other driver responsible.

Houston car crash victims know that the Brian White Law Firm can help them in all of the areas we mentioned. You can call them for a consultation and discuss how to get past this life-changing event.