3 Tips To Get More Views On YouTube

YouTube is continually evolving. With that, YouTube has become a platform for content marketers to boost brand presence and improve search engine optimization (SEO). If you’re one of those content marketers who want to take more advantage of this platform, you should also be looking for more tips to have many views on YouTube.

Knowing tips on getting more views on YouTube, like learning how to create good content, is essential to making a single video more popular. If your content also promotes your business’s products or services, this can help to increase the number of potential customers for such a business.

Overall, with the right strategy to get more views and the fact that there are a lot of users on YouTube, as recent statistics show, it can’t be hard to attain the views you want.

What Counts As A View On YouTube?

Before digging deeper into the tips on getting more views, let’s delve into what constitutes a YouTube view.

Every moment a viewer plays a video on a smartphone or laptop and watches it for a minimum of 30 seconds, that’s calculated to become a YouTube view. Whenever you run your own YouTube video, it will also add up as a YouTube view.

Likewise, if a YouTube user runs your video a couple of times, every play of your videos will be calculated as a view. Similarly, every view on embedded YouTube videos will be a YouTube view too. Lastly, live views are also counted as a view.

With that in mind, remember that YouTube can detect whenever you repeatedly refresh to try to cheat the system.

To note, always check your YouTube analytics when you don’t notice any immediate results from your efforts, as it’s being updated every day or two.

Overall, you can use sites where you can purchase to get more Livestream views on YouTube.

Tips To Get More YouTube Views

Now that you know what counts as a YouTube view, you can read these tips for getting more of such views.

  1. Have Good Content

Applying hacks and using ads are unimportant if your videos aren’t good. As such, how can you develop compelling content that will allow your videos to get more YouTube views? Well, one of the ideal approaches is to create ‘how-to videos.’

Simply be aware of what your ideal customers need to know the most, then develop videos that will meet such a need. If you’re in doubt about this tip, know that YouTube creator Graham Cochrane obtained 51 million YouTube views by concentrating on how-to content.

Cochrane looks for video ideas in his social channels’ comments. If that strategy doesn’t work, he will ask his community what videos they’d like him to create. Cochrane said, ‘Great things occur when you ask individuals what they need and want, and then you continue to create it for them—they think you read their mind!’

To note, you can consistently have content that addresses your ideal customers’ issues that goes on with their needs. It’s the path to creating a loyal community of fans and getting more YouTube views.

  1. Have A Transcription For Your Videos

Making videos is a great idea. However, there are times when your audience will require you to create transcription because of their disability or inability to understand a language. With that in mind, YouTube allows you to create closed captions where a transcript is incorporated as subtitles to a YouTube video. These subtitles can be toggled by your viewers on and off whenever they want.

Likewise, transcribing your videos can be the best path to go through if you’re preparing to share your videos globally. Translating scripts can be beneficial for assisting those viewers with other languages to help them understand your content more.

Note that to make a transcription document that will be uploaded to YouTube, first make a SubRip Subtitle file or SRT, which consists of the start and finish times next to the text. This file can then be saved as a file that consists of timings so that text displays at the proper time in the YouTube video.

Likewise, once it’s uploaded to YouTube or any other video platform, double-check the timings to know if it’s correct. After that, you now have a closed caption video.

  1. Get Acquainted With YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Like other search engines, YouTube uses various ranking signals to arrange its search results. As such, knowing about YouTube SEO, the main ranking signals—and how to be in sync with them—is a vital part of having more YouTube views.

To start, you need to have enough keywords. There’s nothing to optimize your video for without the necessary target keywords. Once you’ve created a list of the topics you want to deal with, continue and type them—one by one—on the YouTube search bar.

As you’ve likely seen in the past, YouTube will make a list of suggested search queries. Each suggestion is something that actual people repeatedly searched for. Every one of them, on the whole, is an excellent choice for your target keyword.

If you’re done having your keywords in proper order, it’s time to optimize your video. Significant ways to optimize your YouTube video in which you can incorporate keywords are by:

  • Optimizing video titles
  • Optimizing video tags
  • Optimizing video descriptions

Take Away

YouTube has now also become a platform for content marketers to boost brand presence and improve SEO. One way that content marketers leverage YouTube to make their brands more popular is to get more views.

There are several ways to obtain more views on YouTube. Some methods are creating compelling content, transcribing videos, and getting more in touch with YouTube’s SEO.

Overall, when your brand gets many views on YouTube from engaged viewers and has good products or services, this can be good for attaining more sales.