Teenager Playing Video Games

The social gaming field is highly competitive, and apps invest many resources in an effort to rise above the noise and get mobile casino players to choose them over others. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to offer players a set of slot machines, and apps realize that they must wrap the gaming experience in a clear narrative of some sort. Here are 3 apps that manage to tell a compelling story, which helps them a great deal in the wild slots competition over gamers’ hearts.

Monopoly Slots

The narrative to this social gaming app pretty much writes itself, as it follows the world’s most famous board game and creates a mobile version dedicated to slot lovers. Monopoly’s nostalgic flair adds a lot of fun to the game and the fact that the original game is already extremely competitive (some would say even brutal) makes the transition to the mobile arena seamless. It’s a monopoly for adults who don’t have hours to devote to a single game.

Hot Shot Casino

The narrative of this social gaming app is very simple and very strong. It is a visit to the casino without leaving home. The game’s creators worked extremely hard to duplicate the physical experience of visiting a casino and created a game that is very straightforward and simple, with a logic that just works. Unlike physical casinos, however, the app keeps changing and improving, which includes new missions, mini-games, and surprise challenges. We love it.

88 Fortunes

This app wins the game thanks to a phenomenal narrative based on an ancient Asian world that players can visit while spinning dozens of different slot machines by global brands. This storyline is combined with one of the most beautiful designs we’ve ever seen in the mobile casino arena. These strong advantages create a unique experience for gamers that invites them into a secret, magical world of fun and games, filled with dragons, fairies, and cool prizes.

It’s amazing to see how creative mobile casino experts get when given the right platform and resources. We can expect to see even more growth in this department, simply because players will begin to demand a certain level of storytelling capabilities when choosing their favorite gaming apps. Stay tuned and you will not be disappointed!