10 Best Hearing Aids of 2020 Counting Down to # 1

The best hearing aids are the ones that work for best you. You may have the cash lying around to afford a high-end design or you may be willing to exchange efficiency for almost invisible ones.

Perhaps your hearing has just gotten a little worse since you turned fifty, and you don’t want to spend a fortune on your hearing aids. The ten top hearing aids we list here work best for particular groups of customers.

Let’s Discuss the Best Hearing Aids in 2021

10 What’s On Offer at Costco Hearing Aid Centers

Costco says they are starting to supply hearing aids remotely, which we assume is over the internet. Their price for behind-the-ear hearing aids starts at $1,499 a pair, high for what looks like a fairly basic product.

However, if you are into technology, then Costco hearing aids let you adjust the volume with your phone and receive sound directly from your television. But if you long for something simpler, read on.

9 Are Eargo the Best for Inner Ear Comfort?

Eargo has soft silicone earpieces that fit invisibly in the inner ear. Their batteries are rechargeable, which is another bonus. You can order them directly on their website, but you will need to have an extra $1,850 to $2,950 per ear.

There’s an audible advantage to having ‘soft silicone earpieces that are suspended within the ear canal’, according to reviews. But we had a senior write in and tell us how they struggled somewhat to get them out.

8 Would You Benefit from Starkey Assistive Technology?

Starkey products may be top technology, although whether they were the best value hearing aids in 2021 depends on your wallet. They have great features for people who need them, including a live telehealth product that connects users to a licensed audiologist. However, this top-end technology costs $2,580 to $8,780 a pair.

7 Are Hearing Aids by Nano The Best Tinnitus Solution?

‘Nano’ means small, and these behind-the-ear ones are a great improvement in terms of cost compared to others we have reviewed. The company says they help with ear ringing, although we’re not sure they were the best hearing aids for tinnitus. Better budget between $498 and $799 per ear.

6 Are Audicus Bluetooth Hearing Aids Better Value?

Audicus sells its products direct to the public for between $998 and $1,398 a pair. This is an improvement over the price of Costco hearing aids, and they say they can program hearing aids although they were not mentioning the fee when we looked.

5 Phonak Hearing Aids for 2021 Classroom Students

Swedish company Phonak recommends its hearing aids for classroom and group situations so they could qualify as the best new hearing aids for 2021 lecture rooms. The batteries last for months they say, but then you have to throw them out. At least there’s no battery charger for your teen to lose.

However, their prices seem steep for average use starting at $1,414 per ear when we looked. But when you are investing money in your children’s education it could be worthwhile.

4 The Best Hearing Aids for Severe Hearing Loss

The best hearing aids for severe hearing loss may be Oticon’s, although these could be over the top for seniors with mild to moderate hearing difficulty. They get great reviews, but with individual prices beginning at $2,609 it’s something to think about carefully before ordering. Do you really need such an expensive technology?

3 The Lexie Hearing Rewards Program

Lexie is a new, disruptive provider selling basic hearing aids for $799 a pair. Although we aren’t sure they were the best technology in 2021, they do have a rewards program that encourages first-time users to persist with them. This has to fit somewhere in a more reasonable price.

2 Many Hearing Aids Available at Walmart

Hearing aids at Walmart come in all shapes and sizes and we anticipate fair prices from them. However, they don’t make these themselves, so they are taking a mark-up.

There’s good value to be had there, but make sure you purchase actual hearing aids as opposed to personal hearing amplifiers that only increase volume, not the quality of sound.

1 Blue Angels Hearing Aids Are Best Value for 2021

Blue Angels Hearing sells genuine digital hearing aids direct from the factory, without an intermediary supplier taking their slice. We deliver direct from our warehouse, and ship within 24 hours by priority delivery.

Our entry-level model is ideal for mildly to moderately-deaf seniors who developed hearing loss in middle age. Contact us right away while stocks last. If you’re interested in a PAIR of hearing aids costing $297.99 including delivery and cleaning tools.