World Wide Web inventor is concerned about fake news

Sir Tim Berners Lee
The inventor of the Web says people and private firms must work together to accord a fair use of personal data. Image Source: Geek

SNL mocks President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka

SNL Invanka Trump Sketch
Saturday Night Live latest sketch takes on Ivanka Trump's perfume ad. Image Source: Mirror

PAX East 2017: Games, demos, and more

PAX East 2017 brings all new releases
Square Enix, Telltale Games, FromSoftware, BioWare, EA, Blizzard, and more were present at the showroom floor in Boston. Image Source: Astro Gaming

Check these 5 alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy 8

Samsung Galaxy 8 release date
Samsung Galaxy 8 referential picture. Image credit: YouTube.

How to use Alexa on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot

The August Smart Lock costs $250, while the Amazon Echo and the August Connect have a price tag of $180 and $50, respectively. Image Credit: August

Watch: Mass Effect: Andromeda gets new launch trailer

Google rolls out new updates for Hangouts

Google is set to compete with other Video Conference systems with Meet. Image Source: Techno Buffalo

FCC wants to kill Net Neutrality Act

Senator Jeff Flake files a resolution on Tuesday to repeal a set of rules approved last October by the FCC
GOP senator offers measure to undo FCC internet privacy rules. Image Source: Politico

Mercedes-AMG GT Concept revealed at Geneva Motor Show

2017 Mercedes AMG GT Concept Car
Image Source: Motor Trends

Oculus Mission: ISS and Virtual Reality projects for 2017

NASA's Virtual Reality project will allow users to navigate through the ISS, thanks to Oculus Rift. Image Source: Space

Facebook introduces Messenger Day to stay hip

Users who want to start sharing moments of their day on the Facebook Messenger app first need to make sure they have the latest updated version. Image Source; Tech Crunch

Blue Origin signs contract with its first customer Eutelsat

Nest prepares cheaper thermostat and home security products

Nest’s landmark offering for smart homes is its Learning Thermostat. Image Source

Reactions and implications of WikiLeaks’ CIA hacking tools dump

Analysts looking at the leak more calmly arrived at the conclusion that only high-profile people should be worried about the CIA’s cyber weapons. Image Source: Trans Asia News Services

Volkswagen unveils self-driving concept car Sedric

Sedric: Volkswagen new self-driving concept car's Interior
Volkswagen new self-driving concept car, Sedric, is nothing but a glimpse in future autonomous vehicles. Image Source: Diariomotor

The Nintendo Switch could use a retro boost

Nintendo has introduced a new modular gaming console named Nintendo Switch. Image Source: Polygon

Uber uses program called Greyball to avoid the authorities

The authorities in cities without a proper legal framework regarding the ride service aimed uber cars to ticket, tow or impound the cars. Image Source: UberUK

How to Maximize your Internet Speed

Faster average user data speeds depend on network availability or 3G/4G coverage. Image Source: MS Digital

NOAA’s GOES-16 Lighting Mapper sends back first images

WikiLeaks discloses CIA hacking tools

WikiLeaks and cyber security experts like John Snowden claim the disclosed information is legitimate and there is more to come. Image Source: SNMX

Amazon Echo’s data helps in James Bates murder trial

Amazon Echo James Bates Murder Trial
A satire of James Bates murder trial, where the victim's Amazon Echo speaker may help solve the case. Image Source: The Information

Nissan tests new Leaf driverless cars in London roads

The test allowed Nissan to collect a vast amount of information. Image Source: Evening Standard

All you need to know about TrackR’s Bravo GPS device

TrackR’s Bravo has become one of the best and most affordable solutions to trace belongings with over 3.5million units sold worldwide. Image Source: YouTube