According to the latest finding by Ohio Departments of Natural Resources, there has been a massive decline in Monarch butterfly populations in recent years. For the ongoing decline of Monarch Butterfly population, a number of factors have been attributed by the researchers.

Climate change and lack of Milkweed

The change in the climate has played a huge role in the decline of Monarch Butterfly. Recent weather events, such as freezing temperature and hailstorms, have created problems for the Monarch Butterfly to migrate.

Another important factor has been the scarcity of milkweed, which plays a contributing factor for Monarch to lay their egg. For the Monarch caterpillars across North America, the primary source of food is Milkweed.

During the winter, Monarch migrates to Mexico for four months before returning to the States. But the changing weather condition has led to a reduction in the butterflies population in the given area.

According to the finding in Mexico, the Monarch cluster on the Fir trees has seen a severe drop in population in the last ten years as well. Same is the case with the Southern USA, where data shows that the population has fallen on a large basis.

Though, as aforementioned, the declining milkweed, which helps in the growth of the Monarch Butterfly population, has had a substantial impact on the current situation . Also, according to the current data by the organization Monarch Watch, it has been found out that more than 2.2 million acres of milkweed are lost everywhere in the US.

Human’s ignorance about the environment

Furthermore, the decline of milkweed is also based on the fact that humans are less conscious about the than they ought to be. Swamp milkweed is mostly known to grow in ditches and with mowing the basic essential food of Monarch Butterfly, it leads to the decline in their population.

According to Sara Scudier, a certified volunteer naturalist, to increase the population of the Monarch Butterfly, one can purchase it through local retailers or the mail. Also, she says that if there are areas in the garden that are a bit damp, then by planting some milkweed it can solve the problem of the declining Monarch Butterfly.