Joe Jonas and model Ashley Graham have come together for a new music video, “Toothbrush”, that will be out soon. This news was announced on Monday by Joe Jonas’ label Republican Record. The video features the plus size model getting intimate with the DNCE frontman.


The new track revolves around the intimacy of the relationship at its turning point. The lyrics of the video is like this “Baby, you don’t have to rush / You can keep a toothbrush at my place … We don’t need to keep it hush / You can keep a toothbrush at my place … Stuck in a limbo, half hypnotized / Each time I let you stay the night.

The ‘toothbrush‘ video is the second single from the Jonas Brother new band DNCE. The October released “Cake by the Ocean” was the other single from the group and was directed Joe Jonas ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas, 26 and Ashley Graham, 29, have come together for the first time on screen and looking at the teaser photos that has been released by the band, the on-screen couple clearly makes for a very stunning pair. This is the first time that the two have come together and already the fans are going crazy by the new photo.

Joe Jonas

The size 16 supermodel Ashley Graham has also been in the news for landing a Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit cover and has been very vocal about the turmoils that are faced by models if they are on the curvier side. She has also talked about her struggle in the industry and how she has come to accept her body the way it is.

Even though Joe Jonas and DNCE is on tour with Selena Gomez and Bea Miller, the band has been keeping the interest of the new video alive by updating new photos on their Twitter handle and other social media accounts.