Android is the one of the best smartphone OS available, while one of its most distinguishing features is its customizable interface. Google Play Store is flooded with apps which can help you to customize your Android smartphone.

You can customize your Android phone using launchers, icon packs and themes — not available on all Android smartphones. Though, one more thing is there which can change your Android smartphone’s look a lot – Fonts”.

Furthermore, did you know you could use your own handwriting as a font on your Android smartphone, how cool is that?


  • “Rooted” Android device.
  • A scanner and printer.

Preparing the font

There are several websites on the internet which convert your handwriting to PC usable font.

Here are the websites listed below:


  1. Download the template and print it on A4 sheet.
  2. Fill that template using a black ball point pen (using a fine tip pen is recommended).
  3. Scan the template with at least 300 dpi (it is recommended to scan the template with the highest dpi available).
  4. Upload the scanned template to the website and let it generate the font file.
  5. Download the font file on your PC.

Setting the Font:

Google Play Store is flooded with apps with which you can change your phone’s font.

Here our best pick:

  1. Download and install “iFont” app on your Android smartphone.
  2. Connect your smartphone to PC and move the TTF file to your phone’s SDcard/iFont/custom directory
  3. Launch the “iFont” and switch to “My”  tab.
  4. You’ll see your font there (if not then click on “click this” link and select the TTF file).
  5. Tap on “Set” and reboot your phone to take effect.

After the reboot, you’ll see your font everywhere on your phone. Enjoy showing off your cool font to your friends and colleagues.

H/T: yog12 from XDA Developers for the step by step snapshots.