JK Rowling

The eagerly-anticipated play  is all set to open this summer on July 30 and will take the audience through a very emotional journey. It apparently looks like J K Rowling’s new launch is looking at killing some more beloved characters of the book.

When the fan asked Rowling on Twitter if the new play will bring him tears, she replied, “If it does not we will be checking your vital sign.”

Another fan of the series asked Rowling on Twitter: “Why are you like this?”

The eighth book in the Harry Potter Saga will be opening this summer in London for all the fans who could not book their tickets to see the most awaited play. J K Rowling will have the script published in a book form and will launch in the market on July 31.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will take on the journey of Harry Potter youngest son Albus Severus, who will struggle with the family legacy and the many more turmoils he will face along the way. Whereas if we go by J K Rowling reaction on Twitter, it looks like the killing of Voldemort is not last of the many villains faced by the Potter family. Written by J K Rowling and Jack Thorne, the play is all set to debut as a two-part play.

One looks at the book title it clearly looks like it will revolve around the relationship of Harry Potter and his son. It will deal with the youngest journey in finding his self and how tough it will be for him to deal with the family legacy. The play will also focus on Harry Potter as he plays a father to three older children and a stressed Ministry of Magic Civil servant.

The upcoming play will continue till 2017 and will mark the 20th Anniversary of the UK publication and their first book in the Harry Potter series.